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Medugorje is a town located in Bosnia and Herzegovina about 25 km southwest of Mostar and close to the Croatian border.

It is a sacred place where six children saw apparitions of the Virgin Mary in the 1980s. On the hillside the Virgin Mary spoke to them and some of the children, who are adults now, still see her on a regular basis. Medugorje is an extremely popular pilgrimage site for Catholics and many miracles still occur there today. There have been cases of restored vision, healed illnesses, cured paralysis, and even rosaries changing from silver to gold.

Every year, millions of pilgrims hike up the Krizevac and Podbrdo hills to the crosses at the top and pray.

To learn more why visit Medjugorje, please watch this short film “Why Medjugorje ?” This is an insightful short film by Josip Loncar promotions officer with the International Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services (ICCRS). It documents his own personal experience when he visited Medugorje for the first time in 1987.

This short film very much captures the Spirit of Medugorje from a pilgrim’s perspective. As an added bonus narration is by renowned scripture scholar Tony Hickey. After watching this film, you will have many good reasons why you should consider visiting Medugorje.

Join us on our pilgrimage tours to Medjugorje.

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In anticipation of my very approaching trip to Croatia to celebrate my mother’s 70th birthday, I am quite excited about my forthcoming trip and the experience it will bring. Although I visit almost three times a year, seeing the family members and celebrating such a big occasion is quite exhilarating. I was born in Karlovac, the only city in Europe, or probably in the world, that is situated on four rivers: Kupa, Dobra, Mrzmica, and Korona are the rivers flowing though the city. For centuries, the people of Karlovac were called zabari (zaba=frog), most likely because of such of an extensive water mass, in which frogs thrive. I am proud to be a zabara myself because my I take great honor in my city.

Karlovac is a very old city, built in the shape of a six pointed star. Long ago, when the city was being built, citizens figured out that it is going to be easier to defend it if it was in the form of a star. The early settlement started when the city got autonomy from Hapsburgs, the Austrian royalty. Dubovac Castle, the old castle of Karlovac, newly preserved, serves as a reminder of feudal times.

As I think of my time growing up there, memories flood back of the countless times I strolled through the Vrbanic Gardens in the south eastern part of the city, on the left bank of the Korona river. I used to take the site for granted, but I truly miss the days where, in the depth of the beautiful greenery, I would study, bike, or merely just take a brisk walk to clear my head. The gardens served as an excellent stress reliever and I would often head to a cafe in the gradska straža, or the city plaza, afterwards. I cannot wait to go back to not only celebrate my dear mother’s birthday, but also revisit the pleasures of my childhood.

Visit Dubrovnik – The most popular tourist destination in Croatia

Visit Dubrovnik

A city rich in history and filled with beautiful beaches, Dubrovnik is by far the most popular tourist destination in Croatia. There are so many things one can do at Dubrovnik, also known as the “Pearl of the Adriatic”. One can stroll on the sea ports while marveling at the Roman architecture. You will be viewing ancient history in front of your very own eyes. There’s even a pharmacy that has been in business since the Middle Ages.

There are a great deal of attractions to keep tourists occupied. Enclosed by the Old Town walls there are a variety of fascinating sights: from towering churches and mansions seething with art to museums dedicated to the community life and culture. The Old Town is a vehicle free zone: no traffic, no problem. It’s divided in half by the main avenue, the Stradun. This is the center of the city: an Old World shopping center by day and cocktail party by night, when everyone appears to be taking the usual evening stroll by the waterfront.

Another perk of Dubrovnik is its fine seafood. Located on every block, an alfresco family restaurant awaits your presence. Trying different seafood recipes that have been around for generations is surely an unforgettable experience that will arouse your taste buds. There is a Croatian saying that a fish should swim three times: first in the sea, then in olive oil, and finally in wine, after you consume it.  If fish isn’t your style, relish some grilled squid or try some air-dried Dalmatian ham, also known as pršut.

With so many attractions to explore, Dubrovnik is certainly a destination that you will never forget. From its exquisite architecture to the delicious seafood, it’s no wonder why they call this town the “Pearl of the Adriatic.”


croatiaAirfleetexpansionCroatia Airlines plans to expand its fleet in 2015 its CEO, Krešimir Kučko, has said. The national carrier plans to add up to three new aircraft after it completes its restructuring process in two years time. The airline is looking at adding aircraft with up to 100 seats since they would be best suited to operate not only during the summer but also during the winter months. In addition, the airline says the aircraft would not be too small like the Bombardier Dash 8 or too large like the Airbus A319/A320 aircraft it currently features in its fleet. Croatia Airlines has four A319s on order, however, the carrier has delayed their arrival by several years and is looking at completely cancelling the order. Originally, the new Airbus jets were to be delivered from this year onwards. During the year the carrier cut down on its fleet size by leasing out one of its Airbus A320s, leaving it with twelve active aircraft.
The fleet renewal plans come despite the airline’s ongoing privatisation process. However, Mr. Kučko says the airline has a clear development plan regardless of whether it gets a new part owner. Potential investors have only another three days to express their interest in Croatia Airlines. Mr. Kučko says his airline’s advantages include a highly skilled workforce, developed route network and market potential. “Despite some of our neighbours unwilling to admit it, we are still the busiest airline in the region and the seventh largest Croatian exporter since two thirds of our passengers are foreigners”, the CEO says.
The airline’s CEO sees the Croatian carrier as part of Star Alliance in the next two years regardless of whether it is sold or not. “Croatia Airlines will maintain its continuity and EU airline status. This will not change. The only exception would be if we are taken over by an airline belonging to another alliance which might have different plans for us”, Mr. Kučko says. “Currently Etihad’s takeover of Jar Airways has not affected us in the slightest. We only competed with Jat on a few routes. I suppose Air Serbia will have the aim of carrying transfer passengers from the region to Abu Dhabi. However, I don’t expect this will have an impact on us. We have our own plans and will begin our expansion in 2015. If we are taken over by another airline, our restructuring plans will be shortened and we will launch our development earlier”, Mr. Kučko concludes.
Article Source: Ex-Yu Aviation News

ryaniarEurope’s largest low cost airline, Ryanair, will launch new seasonal flights from London Stansted to Osijek and Podgorica next summer season. The low cost airline will return to Osijek after five years while the new route to Podgorica will complement the existing seasonal service from Charleroi. As a result, Montenegro Airlines will lose its monopoly on the London route since it operates seasonal summer flights to Gatwick. On the other hand, the news has been warmly welcomed by Osijek Airport which has struggled to attract passengers over the past few years.

John Alborante, Ryanair’s Sales and Marketing Manager for Italy, Croatia and Greece says, “Osijek will become the fourth airport to be served by Ryanair in Croatia. We will fly twice per week between Osijek and London, every Monday and Friday”. The airport’s CEO, Domagoj Marinić, says it is important for Osijek to be connected to a large hub such as London. “This does not mark the end of our pursuit to expand the network of low cost airlines operating to the airport. In 2015 and 2016 we will further expand this offer, particularly with flights to Germany”, Mr. Marinić says. Flights between London and Osijek will be inaugurated on March 31.

London will become the second destination Ryanair will serve from Podgorica in addition to the existing Charleroi service which will resume next summer (on March 31). Ryanair, which launched flights to the Montenegrin capital in June last year saw success on its initial service from Charleroi with its load factor exceeding 90% within a month. Services between the British and Montenegrin capital will be inaugurated on April 1. The new flights come as part of Ryanair’s commitment to operate services to Montenegro over the next three years. According to an earlier announcement, Ryanair also plans to launch flights from Tivat to Milan, Barcelona, Stockholm, London and Oslo in 2014.

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